ZX3 $699.00
by Mike Daley Added May 10, 2008
I've got about 2000 miles on my ZX3 now. Built as follows:
Reynolds UL fork
DA component group
Ritchey WCS bar and stem
Pedal Force seatpost
Fizik Aliante saddle
Mavic Ksyrium ES wheels
(miscellaneous Ti and Al bolts here and there to reduce weight).
Total weight 15.2 lbs (size 55)
I love the look of this bike, the finish is top notch and it went together without a hitch.
It is very stiff, which translates to an efficient, and responsive ride.
It inspires confidence on descents, and hard efforts result in a feeling that every bit of your energy is transfered to power at the rear wheel. This makes climbing and out of the saddle efforts very rewarding. If you're main concern is a soft comfortable ride, this may not be the frame for you, but if you want to feel the road and have a bike that responds to your input, it is a great choice.
Thanks PedalForce.

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