ZX3 $699.00
by Jeffrey Martin Added September 26, 2008
Closing in on the end of ride season in Wisconsin. I posted about how I loved my ZX3 right after I finished the build and had taken my first ride. Well its now 3500 miles later and I can not say enough great things about this bike. It's built with Chorus 08 with a Compact Ultra Torque 50/36 and Neuvation R28SL3 wheels. Mounted on the wheels are Pro3 Race tires. It came in a bit heavier then I thought at 17 lbs but some of that is due to an old school Steel railed Regal saddle. It would be about 6-8 oz lighter with a different seat. Getting back to the Frame and Fork. I have a Pedal Force Aero Fork installed. The bike handles like it is on rails in the corners and gets up and scoots when you jump to sprint. Climbs like a dream to boot. I would love to have an RS2 as my next bike. Thats what I'm looking at next, unless Pedal Force comes out with something new.

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