ZX3 $699.00
by william nigel freeman Added April 07, 2009
Thanks Ming , a little belated but after 9000km on two Pedal Force bikes I am very happy with both the Fusion and the ZX3 the later being my current bike after an unfortunate end to the Fusion going under a building with it on the roof ouch. The ZX3 is both responsive to hill climbs and stable on cornering.Pedal Force could not of been more helpful in getting some of my requests such as the Easton handle bars and front forks and at the time Shamal titanium wheels not available in Australia. Now running very smoothly on super record bearings compliments the Pedal Force frame and wheels. I can recommend the service and the quality to anyone interested in building their bike to order. We have a ride here in Australia called 'Around the Bay in a Day (Melbourne) this is 250 km which I rode the ZX3 averaging 30km per hour and not a stiff muscle at the end and at 55 years old this is one bike I will not pass up in a hurry////

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