RS2 Frameset $499.00
by Brett Beston Added September 22, 2010
I bought the RS2 without really high expectations, but I have to admit that the ride quality and geometry has won me over. My previous comparison to the RS2 was a Specialized allez with carbon seat stays and I can now truly say that this frame is in a different league.

I bought this bike as a frame / fork combination and took most of the components from my specialized and put them on the RS2. I bought a 52cm RS2 because it was most similar in top tube length to my 54cm Specialized Allez. As a result, I was able to nearly replicate my position between the two bikes. Once I finished the build, I took the bike out for a quick spin and was underwhelmed (at first), by the difference between the two bikes. Sure, the RS2 was lighter, but I couldn't really 'feel' a difference on the road. Well that all changed on my first 60 mile ride. I notice a huge difference (improvement) in comfort towards the end of the ride. The carbon frame really took out a lot of the harshness of the road without creating a dead feeling. The more I ride it, the better I feel. After a few more rides like this, I always come back appreciating the added level of comfort this bike provides

I've also noticed that the bike is more 'stable' than the Allez. I corners better, it tracks a straight line better, and I can actually take my hands of the handle bar without feeling like my front wheel is about to wobble out of control.

My only complaint at this point is that getting the rear wheel in and out is a PITA! The rear wheel drop out is angled in a way that causes it to rub against the rear derailleur. I've had several bikes over the years, and nothing has been as difficult to work with than this.

Overall, the RS2 is clearly a far superior ride to my previous bike. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this bike to a friend!

5 of 5 Stars! 5 of 5 Stars!
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