RS2 Frameset $499.00
by BARRIE CARTER Added January 13, 2013
I purchased an RS2 in 2009 and after a 45 year lay off, needed something to ride that was light adn responsive, rather than the old steel bikes I uesed toride. I may add that when I retired from racing in the 60s , I was a 1st cat rider with a fair pedigree, and I didnt forget what a good bike should be. I always road tubs and that is what I still ride, so carbon wheels were a must. I bought tghe frame and Sram Rival groupset and the whole lot weighed in at about 17lb.
The bike was and , after some 10.000 miles, still is fabulous to ride and responds on the hills and in sprints instantly.
I have only had the very best of communication from first Ming and now Mike.
I then bought the CG3 but found it too stiff and a bit dead in comparison with my lovely RS2.
Ill never sell it, but I may buy another with Sram Red to see if I can get the 15lb all up Id like. I need it at 71!, I doubt youll find a better frame for the price than this, other companies that use it sell it for far more than Pedal Force.
Incidently, my frame came without decals and I didnt know whos lable to put on so as its anonymous, I had my own decals made, FKW, including head stock badge, Work it out, the last word is what....
Graet frame, great handling, great price. Any one got a suplus 52? Barrie

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