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This bikefit program will help you size your bike based on eight measurements. It is important that you take these measurements carefully, to within 5mm accuracy. The results will serve as a guide to choosing the correct frame size. You can further fine tune your fit by adjusting the saddle fore-aft offset, stem length, stem angle and spacer height.

If you already own a bike that you're comfortable on but want to know the proper set-up on a new bike so that it will give you the same fit, then try the Bicycle Geometry program.
Body Measurements
norm Gender:     Unit:
Height (A) cm
Sternal Notch Height (B) cm
Inseam Length (C) cm
Thigh Length (D) cm
Arm length (E) cm
Shoulder Width (F) cm
Foot Length (G) cm
Saddle Height over handlebar (H) cm


Type of bike:                 
Bicycle Sizing Recommendations
cm inch
Seat Tube Angle deg deg
Crank Arm Length mm inch
Saddle-Pedal Length cm inch
Top Tube Length cm inch
Stem Length mm inch
Handlebar Width cm inch
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