Pedal Force

Advanced bicycles at great prices

Pedal Force carbon bicycle frames and parts are made by a group of companies in Taiwan who are major Original Equipment Manufacturers of carbon bike components and sports equipment. These are the same manufacturers that produce some of the most high-end products for many well known brand names. We are a USA company selling direct to customers worldwide.

Manufacturing monocoque carbon fiber frames, forks and seat posts is an inherently costly affair. Firstly, carbon fiber is an expensive material that is in high demand. Secondly, an expensive mould has to be made for every new part and frame size. Thirdly, it is a labor intensive process, not suited for high-volume production.

Obviously, most big brands would want to charge premium prices for such exotic stuff. Beside production costs, the final retail prices are also highly marked up by big investment costs in setting up dealer networks, advertising, team sponsorships and brand name promotion with the aim to reach a wide market audience.

So why are our prices so good? Because we sell direct and we don't incur huge costs in brand building campaigns. We only reach out to the real cyclists who know what they want. Our typical customer is a cycling enthusiast with good knowledge of bike riding and technology, knows a good product when he sees one, and found out about us through research or from their cycling network. By minimizing our cost of product promotion to a wider market audience, we aim to make the best cycling technology affordable to people who will truly enjoy it.

We believe that carbon composites make the most amazing bikes. Our products are designed for their high performance, strength, durability and good looks. Now everyone can afford them. All our products have undergone stringent quality control, and have been fully tested for strength and durability. All products come with a satisfaction guarantee and are warranted against defects in workmanship.